Super Lenny Commercial Songs Still Give Us Goosebumps

It’s a well-known fact that casinos use your five senses to put you in the right mood and get you playing. In addition to triggering your emotions and stimulating the urge to play, music also creates an environment you will feel comfortable in for gaming. Not just casinos, but also the ads related to gaming are also heavy on the music. SuperLenny, the moustachioed, dapper dear of the online gaming world shows one of the greatest examples of effective use of music in commercials.

Games And Music For The Masses

Watch the Super Lenny video on YouTube before reading more. You will see how the use of just two words successfully gives you that proud, patriotic feeling like anthems usually do. Created by the digital advertising agency Morgenland, the SuperLenny Anthem gives us goosebumps every time we watch. It puts you in an atmosphere of great expectation, and once the song is over, applause and cheering commence. This invites you to the great show about to begin, in just the same way that entering SuperLenny Casino or app does. The SuperLenny Anthem is not the only song this successful online casino used in its ads.

Created by the same agency, SuperLenny rolled out 3 more cool commercials with a musical theme, each one with a different genre. A visually pleasing, good-humoured hard rock tribute to Lenny, a super smokey blues commercial with impressive guitar riffs and trance-like rhythm, and finally, a short one featuring electro beats with distorted vocals. Each commercial targets different demographics and displays the versatile characteristics of SuperLenny through the use of music.

Dare To Be Different

As more options to play your favourite casino games online come onto the market, both amateurs and hard rock gamers seek the same sensation and excitement of real-life gaming. Launched in early 2014, and becoming an important player, SuperLenny creates the same rush of pleasure. Not only does it offer generous bonuses and a plethora of games on the platform, but the commercials they air generates excitement. The influence of music on gaming decisions is a proven fact, and SuperLenny brilliantly and stylishly promotes their online casino to the wider public audience using different music genres.

Super Lenny Casino

Update on Super Lenny: Oh no, we just received the sad news that Super Lenny is closing down their online casino operations before 1 jan 2019, after about 4 years of hard competition on the Scandinavian online casino market. According to rumors Super Lenny will instead transform to a casino affiliate site and try to send casino players to other casino operators instead.