The Band

From the howling abyss, The Beast shall rise

The vile entity known as Withershin was spawned in 2006. Firmly rooted in the acrid soil of the underground, the bands ambition was to explore and channel darkness and chaos with no limitations. It remains so to this day.
Live on stage Withershin is a ferocious and ruthless beast. Worshiping Death in blood-smeared ecstasy, the bands dedication and conviction is evident in music and performance alike.
While some are illuminated by the black light, most will perish in its flames. The unwavering devotion to walk against all currents brings sight beyond the veil.


Hizon – Guitars, lyrics, vocals

Nine – Lead vocals, lyrics

Nox – Rhythm guitars

Hex – Bass

Previous members

Sev – Drums (2013-2014)

Natt – Rhythm guitars (2011-2012)

Zek – Drums (2006-2011)

Trana – Vocals (2006-2007)